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Learn To Forget x Death By Stereo | LTFC Collaboration T-Shirt

Learn To Forget has teamed up with seminal Southern Californian punk band Death By Stereo to release a limited edition collaboration T-Shirt available exclusively online and at local shows. Aside from Learn To Forget co-founder Mike Cambra being the drummer of the band, the aesthetics and ideals that are shared between Death By Stereo and Learn To Forget are clear. Deeply rooted in the skate, graffiti and punk-rock countercultures that swept the 1990's, Death By Stereo is one of the few originators that stayed absolutely true to those roots. Learn To Forget is proud to welcome them to the crew.

Hand drawn by Learn To Forget co-founder Reilly Herrera, the band's influential legacy inspired the theme and artwork behind the collaboration. The shirt is available in very limited quantities starting December 12th at